HOBNOB Magazine: Celebrate Gay Pride with a Menu in the Colors of the Rainbow

The June issue is out...with a stunning menu in the colors of the rainbow. Whether gay or straight, get into summer mayhem with this celebration. 
• Set your table rainbow-style naturally with food and flowers. 
• RED: Tuna Poke; ORANGE: Pork Cubes with Mango Nectarine Salsa served on edible spoons; YELLOW: a Raw Zucchini Curry Dip; GREEN: Chicken Harissa Mini Tacos in Spinach Shells; BLUE: Blue Cocktails that are Not Too Sweet: PURPLE: Dessert offer a bowl of Dark Chocolate Kisses in Violet Foil. 
• The playlist? Remixes of your favorite tunes, that will get your guests on the dance floor. 
Get all the details at http://hobnobmag.com/issue/17-pride-joy-party/

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