ICFF: Top Picks from the Show

In mid-May Manhattan got a dose of furniture and accessories design influx from around the globe. As usual, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair did not disappoint. View highlights below...

Salt and Pepper grinders from Nick Munro. Can be purchased through the website, or at Bloomingdales. He also has a wonderful smoked glass ice bucket to dress up the bar.

Puff Buff, designers from Poland, created this airy, bubble-like structure out of inflatable spheres with  LED light points inserted. I want one!
Be-jeweled sinks from Linkasink. The jeweled stopper can be attached to the top of existing drain pieces and removed and cleaned in a dishwasher. Novel!

Porcelain Dinnerware from Daniel Levy in soft pastels. I like the contrasting shapes.

Marc Trotereau, on the left, stands below his green light frame. He devised a way to weld 3 pieces of wire together, see his lights on the back wall, center photo. Also in this booth, Pierre Ospina created a sensual, organic pole lights, wrapped in silicon, with LED bulbs seen in close up on the right.

Trove Wallpaper features some very cool designs and some innovative manufacturing methods. The “paper” on the right is made from powdered marble and limestone, thus saving trees from being cut. Their eco-friendly process also uses no water (so no wastewater pollution). The surface is smooth, like suede, and cool to the touch.

Al-Hamad Design featured a super geometric parallelogram duet. I love the spirit of this.

The Luxury Planter Collection’s Sorbet Collection in gorgeous pastels. Planters are stainless steel coated in automotive paint.

Lightweight aluminum planters from Phase Design help to support and frame plantings.

Stickbulb lights by Rux Design take a single unit and position it in a variety of ways.

Dishes from Tse & Tse went from vintage to modern. From France.

Comical and colorful lamps from Ameico.

Glass-blower Tracy Glover poses beneath her dreamy light.

John Beck blasts his sheet of steel before forming it into the Beatty Light. The bullet holes create pretty pinlights for a subtle effect.


I was not a big fan of Greek wine until I tried this one. Santorini from Santo Wines is 100% Assyrtiko, which has a lightly citrus quality, balanced by dry, mineral tones. Imagine a wine as beautiful as the island it comes from. Around $20 a bottle.

SUMMER SIPPING: Organic Prosecco

Start summer off without any chemicals in your wine. Pizzolato Fields Prosecco is made from handpicked 100% certified organic Prosecco Grapes. Dry, crisp and refreshing, with some honey and citrus notes, it costs a mere $13.99 a bottle. The wine is imported by Natural Merchants Selections who select superior wines from Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Greece and Portugal, which are grown in unique organic terroirs. Check out their other selections at the website.