Scottish Artist Rory Donaldson: Shared Roadway Ahead

Before you head out for dinner tonight, stop in at the Winkleman Gallery to see Rory Donaldson’s new series of photos. I am a proud owner of two of Rory’s pieces, and am extremely excited to see the new work, which he calls the “RDX series.” Rory is pushing further the concept of digital photography, so much so, that you could not imagine his work was not done by hand. This painterly technique, complemented by his extraordinary sense of color is astonishing to view, provoking a thoroughly emotional response. When the pieces are viewed up close, you see the remnants of the original photos, which come as a total surprise. I had a preview of some of the pieces in their early stages, and was blown away by the creativity behind each one. To learn more about how Rory goes about creating these beautiful abstracts, go to this link. SHARED ROADWAY AHEAD opens tonight from 6:00 to 8:00, at the Winkleman Gallery, 621 West 27th St. between 11/12 Aves, on the ground floor. If you can’t make it tonight, the photos can be seen through April 21, 2012, Tuesday - Saturday, from11:00 am to 6:00 pm.


Japan Week

Japanese food lovers rejoice. Top talent from the cities’ restaurants and imported foods from Japan are on display at Grand Central Station over the weekend, along with chef demos and musical entertainment to celebrate Japan Week. Then from March 7th to the 11th Japanese restaurants around the city are supporting Dine Out for Japan by donating a portion of their sales to the Japan relief fund. Check the website to see which restaurants are participating, and to view dinner deals, like Kibo’s Prix Fixe Dinner for $35. I got to have a preview on Thursday night, and was truly wowed at the style, savory bites of food, and imaginative cocktails. Photo left: Chef Hirohis Hayashi from Brooklyn’s Hibino, Grilled Sake Lee Marinated Scallops wrapped in Daikon with Beet and Sake Kasu Sauce. See more photos of the night here.

Farm-to-Table Berkshire Blast: Chefs at James Beard House

Seven chefs created seven courses at a phenomenal dinner last night at James Beard House. Brian Alberg,  Executive Chef of the Red Lion Inn, and pioneer in the farm-to-table movement,  galvanized the crew to showcase their amazing foodstuffs, all created in the Bershires. I was amazed at how all the chefs worked together to pull together this meal featuring thier own pickled green tomatoes, beets, kim chi and pig’s feet, delicate charcuterie to die for, and preserves extraordinaire. What a delight to be able to experience a taste from all seven restaurants in one night. Photo above shows the first course: North Plain Farm/Blue Hill Farm Pigs’ Head Three Ways. (1) Porchetta de Testa, (2) Hickory-smoked Jowl, (3) Pickled Tongue—served with Salt-cured Lemon, Indian Line Farm Pickled Green Tomatoes, Community Cooperative Farm Pickled Cucumbers, Farm Girl Farm Pickled Beets & Quince Preserves from the chef’s garden.

Photo below: Brian chose for his ninth visit to JB house to create the most interesting non-dessert dessert I have experienced, featuring candied bacon from his own heritage breed pigs, a vanilla sweet corn panna cotta, grape must, and blue cheese popcorn with salad and sliced apples. See more photos of the ingredients, dishes in progress, and the evening’s festivities from inside the JB kitchen at this link.

Links to the participating chef/restaurants:

1. Nicholas Moulton, Mezze Bistro + Bar: created the hors d’oeuvres

2. Jeremy Stanton, The Meat Market: Pigs’ Head Three Ways

3. Daniel Hardy, Allium Restaurant + Bar: Arctic Char Crudo

4. Dan Smith, John Andrews a Farmhouse Restaurant: Roasted Squash & Ricotta Ravioli

5. Lester Blumenthal, Route 7 Grill: Rabbit with Squash Puree & Squash Butter

6. Joji Sumi, Mezze Bistro + Bar: Pork Roulade, Garlic Sausage, Pork Confit & Crispy Pig Ear

7. Brian Alberg, The Red Lion Inn: dessert