Buvette: Swarming with Charm

On a perfect snowy day in December, friends visiting from Texas told me they were dying to head to Buvette, one of their favorite spots in NYC. I had it on my list of “places to go” so that was that, we trekked to the village. I don’t think we could have picked a more charming, and warm environment for that night. Buvette doesn’t take reservations, so we squeezed ourselves into the end of the bar near the window. While waiting for our table, we amused ourselves with samplings of charcuterie, cheese, and cocktails. Although crowded, the unruffled host constantly monitored the scene, and kept us informed as to our table status. The menu was simple, and the food presented nonchanlantly, but all was absolutely superb. Especially considering the prices of the entrees: $15. See details in the photos below.
A charming night awaits.
Super decor with tin ceilings, mirrors, antiques.
Erin, who loved being able to speak French for a night, and husband Jason peruse the cocktail offerings.
The book of cocktail selections.
The HOLIDAY cocktail looked sweet, but was just right.
The blackboard of cocktail selections was done with flair.
At the table, we were presented with their to-the-point, adorable, idiosyncratic menu.
We ordered a couple of side dishes to start. The beets...
and the carrot salad.
Coq au Vin.
Tart Tatin.

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