Gastronomic Portugal: Sal Marim

I am a confessed salt-aholic and do indulge in exotic varieties. So, imagine my delight on being invited to salt flats that are hand-farmed the same way it was done back when the ancients ruled the area. Owner Jorge Filipe Raiado (aka George), an accomplished gentleman-historian, is totally gung-ho about creating his products. According to him, his methods provide a purer sodium content, thereby keeping a singular taste of SALT and nothing else. Local chefs, one a Michelin, agree. George makes sure to maintain a delicate balance of fresh and salt waters, monitors wind direction, temperature and humidity—all factors in the final product. What results are super flaky white crystals. You only need a pinch to get your fix. Sal Marim offers many varieties of salt. The Flor de Sal is unadulterated, Aromatic has added parsley and oregano, Azeitona has added olives and chilis, Pimentao has added garlic, sweet paprika and bay leaf, Limao has added capers and lemon. The salt comes packaged in another of the Algarve’s products, a natural cork, which keep the humidity at bay. The item I am most excited about is a brick of salt rock, called Sal de Tethys. I will be experimenting with cooking on this salty rock on my stove in NYC...so excited to literally have a piece of Portugal in my kitchen. You can purchase the salt at this link. Meantime, check out more photos from Portugal.

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