Ward 111: a triple reWARD

Back in June, I attended the soft opening of Ward III in Tribeca and had a fabulous time. When Michael Neff served my favorite cocktail at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala I was reminded it was time to go back. Purposely, I went in the early eve, so I could get lots of personal attention from Michael and Kenneth McCoy (photo, left) who was at the helm. Author Kara Newman and I sampled from the cocktail menu, and were more than pleased with our choices (you can see more pics of the tasting here). Best of all, if you don’t see something you like on the list, you can refer to the “bespoke menu” (photo, right) which has lists of adjectives that you can use to describe the perfect cocktail which will be customized for you, on the spot. Check out Kara’s new book called “Spice and Ice” which is filled with her own selection of spicy cocktails.

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