in the house: Junior Merino at the James Beard House

I love the fact that James Beard House is doing cocktail parties. This was the second one I attended, and thoroughly enjoyed. (There’s one coming up on July 21, which is focused on local farms and will raise money for the Food Bank of New York City. See website for details)
Cocktails and Canapes / June 25, 2009 Chefs Alexandra Guarnaschelli (Butter), Akhtar Nawab (Elettaria), Jason Neroni (10 Downing), and Doug Psaltis (Smith’s) squeezed into the tiny kitchen and prepared a variety of nibbles to go with Junior Merino’s cocktails. Highlights: Doug’s smoked lamb ribs were extra meaty, and a nice change from the norm. His Olive Fritters would make a great snack with a strong martini. Alex made fabulous wild mushroom pizzas, and decadent warm brie sandwiches. Jason actually did not show up for the event, as his wife had just given birth, but his backup did a great job with the bacon-wrapped rabbit terrine. Akhtar made a beautiful display of tuna on spoons with tapioca, pickled celery, and sea urchin. Junior offered up his signature Los Agaves: Siembra Azul Bianco, Combier, Jicama Juice, Grapple Juice, Aloe Vera Juice and Lemon as well as some edible cocktail desserts. The Margarita Marshmallow was fab. Some more photos here.

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