AAAHHH, AH-FRICA / new tastes from South Africa

During Fancy Food show in June, I was invited to the South African Embassy for a cocktail party and got to check out some of the new products being offered. The party food was quite delicious and leaned toward an Indian-flavor profile. (though I am not sure if that was because the caterer was part Indian) Two of my favorites were a blood sausage and indiginous type of polenta, seen top left. The center photo shows a serving spoon from Poivre d’Or. They had the most beautiful assortment of tabletop items I have seen in a while, woven placemats in hot pink and a searing orange, gorgeous matte-black dishes, polka-dotted spoons, plus an assorment of marmalades whose intense flavor combinations were like spooning out tiny little taste blasts. Everyone went crazy for the Amarula, on right. See more photos here.

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