HEALTHY SNACK / ladies’ bite

I like to experiment with different things I have in the fridge, and in the name of eliminating waste, I will be open to trying unusual pairings. This test for a healthy snack turned out surprisingly well, so I thought I should record it for future get togethers. I took a Pink Lady apple and cut it into thin slices. Pink Ladies are a gorgeous bright reddish-pink and are very sweet with a slightly lemony tang. Next, I spread some goat cheese on the slices, using a brand called Il Tommasino from Italy. On top, I sprinkled a little garlic/pepper mix from Simply Organic mixes, then placed a couple of thin slices of mild onion and roasted yellow pepper. And there you have it. Rather than use an already roasted pepper from a jar, I like to sit a pepper on one of the burners while I am cooking something else, then put it in a baggie to use in salads, on a sandwich, or to add flavor to a sauce. To me, it has a cleaner, sweeter taste. Recently, I placed an already cut lemon into the baggie with the pepper to save space. Although it was not even touching the pepper, when I cut a wedge to put in my glass of water, it gave it a little zip. Food for thought...

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