The Wild Hibiscus Flower Co / a bud down under

Another flower that caught my eye is from The Wild Hibiscus Flower Company in Australia. The flower slowly opens up as bubbles stream off it’s tips, creating a dance in your glass and adding the flavor of raspberry and rhubarb to your cocktail. Owner Lee Etherington, once a tour guide who delighted tourists with his jams, preserves and sauces made from Australia’s best indigenous offerings, developed the flower idea after hosting a group of tipsy tourists who playfully dropped one into a glass of champagne. He spent the next few years perfecting the method of preserving the flowers and although now distributed to 16 countries, the product is still hand-packed into jars to ensure that none are squashed. They are naturally preserved in cane sugar and spring water and will last up to 24 months. And if champagne’s not your thing, then see these other recipes—Australian Beef with Red Wine Hibiscus Syrup Glaze and Wild Hibiscus Pavlova Supreme—on their website.

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