DESTINATION Park City / surreal beauty at Talisker Club

I felt like I arrived on another planet when we rolled into the Talisker Club at Tuhaye. Nothing could prevent me from stopping to take some photos. There, the mountains went as far as you could see in a major panorama. This heavenly place will be home to the few who can afford to buy a piece of paradise, and is outfiited to be so. Lunch at the Tuhaye Table Cafe turned out to be THE perfect spa lunch. Chefs John Murcko and Gavin Baker, prepared a top notch amuse bouche of radish, cucumber and creme fraiche, a raw “fettucine” in a “cream” sauce (see recipe in SCOOP), a couple of ultra thin crust pizzas and one of the most delicious and light desserts that I have ever tasted: a pineapple soup by Pastry Chef Aimee Altizer. You could tell at first glance that the cafe was luxuriously and lovingly designed with its beautifully embroidered curtains and other fine appointments, but it still maintained an exceedingly relaxed vibe. It overlooked a swimming pool with those gorgeous mountains as a backdrop, and was just breathtaking. The spa was a private oasis, complete with individual bathrooms with showers, so that après treatment felt like being at home. I had the Raindrop Ritual massage. This treatment is based on Native American traditions and uses pharmaceutical-grade essential oils, each with a myriad of benefits. First, the oils were dropped and massaged into your feet, followed by a sequence of eight different oils dripped from the bottom to the top of your spine. Then the rolling massage techniques of Tibetan reflexology were put into play. The massage is designed to boost the immune system, while releasing muscle spasms and reducing inflammation. The masseuse was so incredibly earnest and serious about her craft, that I fell into an extremely deep state of relaxation, so much so, that I felt like I was coming back from a million miles away when she spoke. The Talisker Club is truly out of this world.

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