End of SPRING roundup: Best Bites NYC

There are times when you try something in a restaurant, and its flavor is so unique—something you have never encountered—that it stays on your mind. The following picks are still lingering in my subconscious!
I rarely dine out for breakfast, but brunch on Saturday is often required. For something a little different, I tried the trio of bruschetta at Ponty (scrambled eggs on french baguette with goat cheese, tomato confit and basil pesto). The bread is light, the eggs flavorful, the potatoes just right. San Rocco is a nice place to stop for a bite or two, the Northern Italian specialties are a step above. Baccala Mantecato Alla Veneziana (cod fish prepared Venetian style) is the perfect salty snack. Mercat offered not only a delicious tasting cauliflower, but had a dipping sauce that was to die for—creamy with crushed walnuts. Sigh. Lastly, on a late warm Friday night, my friends and I sat in the backyard at Palma. I was in the mood for steak, and was rewarded with a hefty portion of sliced steak with salsa verde. What added to the experience was the romance of sitting outside, surrounded by rose bushes, ivy, and candlelight.

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