Employees Only: Bottled

Complex cocktail making just got easier. Dushan Zaric and Jason Kosmas of Employees Only have packaged two accompaniments to spirits—the very combinations which have been in use at the bar. Both the Grenadine and Lime Cordial EO Brands add a richness and depth to a variety of cocktails with one easy pour. Dushan told me that they are made with mostly organic ingredients. EO Grenadine is a combination of pomegranate juice sweetened with sugar and highlighted with a secret blend of natural spices. The Lime Cordial is a blend of pure lime juice and agave nectar, accented with kafir lime leaf. Now available at the bar on 510 Hudson Street in the Village, or can be ordered through Fresh Direct. Photo shows the Irish Rose, composed of Jameson Irish Whiskey, lemon juice and EO Grenadine (left) garnished with baby roses, and the Tequila Daisy, made with Cherbay Blanco, EO Lime Cordial, and a dash of EO Grenadine over ice. So simple—stock up for summer!

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