San Rocco’s 3-hour happy hour

When Italy does happy hour, you can be sure that there is food involved. The tradition of Apertivo is how Italians wind down after work—with a glass of wine and buffet of snacks. San Rocco NY is bringing Italy’s way of doing things to its place on 24th street. Pair your glass of wine, beer or cocktail with a fab selection of delicious Italian snacks. On my visit, I felt like I was actually in Italy, as the owners and staff all spoke Italian—and were handsome and stylish to boot! There’s a great outdoor seating area, plus three rooms with distinct atmospheres and wild artwork to admire while you sip away. The complimentary Apertivo Bar happens every night from 6 to 9. Milanese owner Rocco Arena invited Richard Boccato of Dutch Kills, to create the signature cocktails—which you can see photos of, plus the snacks I sampled here. Check out the website to find out about the first-Wednesday-of-the month parties, which are astrologically themed.

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