CHOCOLATE, circulate this!

Could you believe in chocolate that’s good for your circulation? The makers of Cirku have developed a method of processing chocolate that keeps most of the flavanols intact—the active component in cocoa, tea, and wine that helps maintain healthy circulation. Their cocoa comes in individually wrapped packets, sweetened or unsweetened, that you can add to water, a smoothie, or to a cup of coffee, my prefered method. After you have tasted it you will not believe it has only 30 calories! (think Ovaltine, but more intense) Mars Botanical, the company behind this product, works sustainably and consciously with Indonesian farmers bringing environmental, economic and social benefits to their communities. Once you are hooked, they make being healthy an easy process. When you sign up for the Auto-ship Program, you will receive a monthly delivery of 28 packets, with free shipping for life.

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