Scotch + Ladies: cocktails from Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails

Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails (LUPEC) made quite a splash at Astor Center this week in honor of International Women’s Day. These crafty females started with a selection from Compass Box Whisky, and mixed it with the gamut: flamed orange zest, earl grey tea, apple butter, and grapefruit were just some of the ingredients on hand. I noticed a great trick that I am going to steal for my next shindig—the use of sprays. Partly used as a time-saver, and partly for adding just a hint. See more pics and cocktail recipes from the event here. Pictured, is Lady of the Lamp, by Rachel Kim of Momofuku, a combination of Asyla Whisky, Benedictine, Allspice, Honey, Lemon, and Ginger. If you haven’t tried Compass Box yet, put it on your agenda. They specialize in small batches of Scotch whiskies that fall into two categories: Signature Range, which includes Spice Tree, The Peat Monster, Oak Cross, Asyla, and Limited Release Range, having Hedonism, Lady Luck, Hedonism Maximus, The Peat Monster Reserve, and Canto Cask Series.

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