Dijon, not just for mustard

This week, the French city of Dijon led a week-long celebration of its culinary delights. Nine chefs and sommeliers arrived with tasty recipes and excellent wine, creme de cassis, and even a saffron-infused gin. I had to give up my meat-free plan for the day to enjoy the pate, duck, chicken, and beef on hand. I have no regrets. See more pictures of the event here, and be sure to check out the exhibit at the Met, The Mourners: Medieval Tomb Sculptures From The Court Of Burgundy. In addition to eating and drinking well, here are some compelling reasons to visit Dijon:
—In 2009, for the second year in a row, L’Entreprise magazine named Dijon the most attractive city in France.
—Dijon encompasses more than 1,700 acres of parks and gardens. Focused on low-impact transportation, Dijon offers citizens free bicycles to get around, as well as natural gas-powered buses, an electric mini-bus, and a soon-to-be-built tram.
—Dijon is located in the heart of Burgundy whose wine heritage dates back to medieval times. The tiny vineyards of Burgundy produce some of the worlds most highly refined, appreciated and elite wines.
—Dijon’s architecture includes houses that were constructed by the city’s most powerful families from the 15th Century until the time of the French Revolution.

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