Gastronomic Portugal: Dom Petiscos

Rupert and Andrew are regulars at this spot, and I can totally see why. The location is spectacular—on the edge of the Guadiana River—and our timing perfect to witness the rising of an extra-large, full, orange moon over the coast of Spain (I will always remember that sight!). The menu was simple, featuring the fresh “catch of the day,” beef, chicken, and what I ordered, the “Secretos” Iberian Pork Filet. It was cooked to perfection: juicy, and lightly charred. Everything is cooked on an old-fashioned, picturesque grill which you pass on entering the restaurant (see photo below), whose hot temperatures create the perfect environment for grilling. To top off the fantastic food, our bottle of wine only cost 5 euros!  See more about Dom Petiscos at this link, The Portugal News.

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