Gastronomic Portugal: B & B Casa Rosada

I’ve just come back from an amazing trip, a reunion with London buddies at their B & B in the Algarve. I expected it to be great, but was nearly overwhelmed by all the culinary and scenic delights! Rupert Kirby and Andrew Roberts, once immersed in the magazine world, have transported their hipness and created a utopia in an unspoiled part of Portugal that has so much to offer. Their space features over-sized pristine bedroooms, luxurious baths, and a backyard that is a vacation in itself. The week started off with a tasting menu by Rupert, with lovely Portuguese wines and ports to sip (see details in the photos below). I was totally wowed. Turns out it was only the tip of the iceberg, as I was escorted to all the best places around. Posts to follow: an extended late lunch at Cha com Agua Salgada off the beach; a visit to Sal Marim, where I harvested a batch of pure white flakey salt; pure local grilled flavors at Dom Petisco; and a spectacular Italian tasting menu dinner at Amore Vero in Tavira. It’s a little sad to be back in NYC and not steps from the beach. See all the photos from the trip on my Facebook page at this link. And check out the blog for Casa Rosada for creative recipes.

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  1. We've just been put in touch with Rupert via the guys at Sal Marim.
    Their place and food/wine looks wonderful.
    I will try contacting you through facebook but just to say that we are now selling Sal Marim's flor de sal thru our little online shop 'thegreensardine.co.uk' which is based here in London.
    I guess, like you, the gentle warmth of southern Portugal seems like a dream as soon as you're back in the big city!