Gastronomic Portugal: Amore Vero

Amore Vero (True Love) owner Sara Lopes claimed the restaurant’s name was specifically about the love of food—but once you met this creative husband and wife team, you could tell that the two chefs had a special connection. Appropriately, their food was thoroughly composed with TLC. Sara’s eye as a pastry chef and cake designer combines beautifully with Ricardo’s surprising ingredients and combinations. The Tasting Menu we sampled was over-the-top: a beautifully plated, sexy Italian dinner. It’s so wonderful to travel and meet like-minded people who are just looking for ways to “wow” guests and share the love. Photos below reveal the wondrous dishes we sampled. This restaurant is located in the quaint, medieval town of Tavira, also known as the “Mini Venice” of Portugal, due to the fact that houses come right down to the river that runs through the center of town. I took lots of photos of this picturesque spot, which can be seen at this link.

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