New Vibe at Veritas

Veritas is back, with a less polished, sexy-industrial feel. Surrounding the dining room are walls of wine, cozy banquettes, and a massive 70s-style corkboard. Tables are cloth-free, adding to the minimalism and warmth. If you’re looking to mingle, the bar in front has been extended to hold more diners plus adjacent to the window is a communal dining table. My friends and I were excited to sample co-owner Chef Sam Hazen’s new farm-sourced menu. From the artisanal breads, served with a superb olive oil for dipping, to the yin-yang saucer holding black and white salts, everything seemed hand-picked by a connoisseur. The menu felt classic and innovative at the same time—and perfect for the cold temperatures. See more photos of our meal and the space at this link. Photo above left shows the Farmer’s Market Tasting, which we ordered as a side to our entrees, a leek flan is surrounded by the day’s other picks from the Union Square Greenmarket. Photo right shows the walls of wine flanking the entrance to the dining room.

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