10 Downing: New Year, New Menu

Chef Jonnatan Leiva has created a super creative and artistic new menu to go along with the new year. I got to sample some preview bites this past week, some of which were more than divine. The menu has six sections. There are Shares, featuring cheese plates, oyster selections, and an assortment of house-made terrines and pates (I’m going back for those). The Greens & Vegetables section showcases a fantastic assortment of local produce, like winter lettuces from Satur Farms, and shaved pear and green bean salad. Grains & Legumes offers bean and kale soup topped with fried bread, plus grits with shrimp for staying warm. Tartare & Crudo includes a delicious duo of ahi tuna and salmon belly with house-made chips for scooping. A great selection of Meat dishes (including 10 Downing’s customers favorite of short rib or garlic pork burgers), and three Fish selections complete the offerings. For $49 you can do a 4-course tasting choosing from either the veg or grain sections, tartare or chef’s daily rolled pasta, a fish or meat entree, and dessert or cheese—a fantastic deal considering the extra special ingredients and loving care put into the dishes. Seen in the photo: the beautiful roasted baby beet tart with goat cheese came to the table as a work of art. See more photos of the dishes we tried here, incuding the most AMAZING dessert: Poached and Roasted Pear with Honey Roasted Granola and Lavender-Almond Cream. To die for. Also worth noting: acoustic material has been added to the ceiling that completely changed the timbre of the space—much quieter. 10 Downing, what was your resolution this year?

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