Edi & the Wolf: Austrian comfort in the East Village

The owners of Michelin-star restaurant Seasonal have branched out to Avenue C with a cozy, relaxed wine bar. The space is reminiscent of a barn, whose ceiling mimics light filtering through the cracks (photo), accented with hipster Victorian accessories, and a cushiony, tufted banquette. I don’t know if it’s because of the holiday season, or because of being so warmly hosted by owner Eduard Frauneder, but people are flocking to Edi and the Wolf. Specially selected Austrian, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian and Argentinian wines and artisinal beers accompany excellent Autrian fare, served until the late hours. It’s a fantastic spot to end the night with a bit of upscale comfort food and coddling. See photos of the space and food here.

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