New Amsterdam Market: Artisinal Offerings

A week ago I visited the New Amsterdam Market. I could just kick myself for not going sooner, as of December 19 the market will be closed until spring. Take advantage of this last chance to get stocking stuffers and goodies for hosting. The market features a nice variety of vendors: luscious baked goodies from Shandaken Bake, fresh pasta from The Ravioli Store, unique blended teas from Bellocq, and a vast array of meats and sausages (my weakness!). I did stock up on meaty goodies from Mosefund Farm, Dickson’s Farms and Meats, and Hudson Valley Duck Farm so when company arrives I can offer them smoked duck breast, fully cooked white sausage, and bratwurst. It is a tradition in my Slovak family to stock up on cold cuts, headcheese, and kielbasas for the holidays, so I was delighted to come across such amazing selections. Go to this market to eat! I warmed up my bones with a ├╝ber-tasty pork sandwich from Porchetta, my friend Mina had a lobster roll. Plus I was able to sample bites of meat before buying. And, after sampling the Finnish rye from Nordic Breads (photo) I got two large loaves to store in the freezer. I can’t wait to go back and experience what’s happening next year, when they will be continuing to offer a great mix of vendors, themed weekends and foodie events. Located at South Street between Beekman St and Peck Slip. More photos here.


  1. Please correct. The final NEW Amsterdam Market is next weekend Sunday, December 19th. They will reopen in the Spring. http://www.newamsterdammarket.org/index.html


  2. sorry about that! someone told me the wrong information...