Fair Quinoa Vodka: That’s Fair

Ward III hosted a delectable cocktail tasting featuring the spirits from Fair, a company that truly believes in fair trade—and fabulous tasting products. From the Andes, the award-winning Fair Vodka takes the knowledge passed down from Incas from the past 5000 years, plus French distillers, to create its unique taste. Fair also produces a Goji Berry Liqueur, which tastes great on its own, or in cocktails, with berries from the Himilayas, and a Café Liqueur from Mexican coffee. Stock up for the holidays! Photo shows the TIBETAN SPRITZER made with Fair Goji Liqueur, Lillet Blanc, Lemon Juice, Angostura Bitters, Marquis de la Tour Sparkling Wine and topped with some Goji Berries. See more photos from the tasting here.


  1. This drink is definitely interesting.
    How do they add the quinoa to it? I'm curious now:)

  2. the vodka itself is made out of the quinoa grains...

  3. amazing, now I know it:)