October Dine Around: DGBG, Recette, La Fonda del Sol

Fall dining hits and misses: My first foray from the bar to dining room at DBGB was a mixed bag. Sadly, the server did not go out of his way to make the dining experience a positive one. What was learned: 1. When your order a pumpkin cupcake at DBGB, this is what appears (photo, top) so there’s no need to order two, like we did. 2. Be sure to ask the price of oysters, or pay! We had the specials, which cost $42 for a half dozen, as opposed to $18. Boy, were we surprised when the bill came. On the up side—all the food was memorably and fantastically good. More photos from the dinner can be seen at this link. Recette, in the west village (my old ’hood) had a very interesting menu, that calls for another exporatory trip. The sweetbreads, prepared to taste like buffalo wings were my favorite pick of the night. The cachaca cocktail was also a taste treat: prepared with Leblon Cacha├ža, apple juice, beet juice and fresh ginger. See more photos here. La Fonda del Sol’s side dish of Crispy Eggplant comes with a tomato, raisin, and pine nut chutney. It’s a unique dish, and makes for a great bar snack as well as a side. We just had a few bites before having to run off to the a capella contest we were attending that night. See more photos from our dinner here.

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