Junoon: Indian Cuisine In-depth

Get ready for Junoon, an18,000-square-foot, palace-like restaurant coming to the Flatiron area. I was able to sneak a peek into the construction zone last week, while meeting with Chef Vikas Khanna to talk about his upcoming cookbook. The restaurant will feature an sleek open kitchen which will also showcase the five traditional styles of Indian cooking: curries and sauces, a tandoor oven, a cast iron griddle, and a stone for searing meats and char broiling. Downstairs, a special Spice Room will be creating fresh blends for the kitchen, and to sell to the public. The dramatic, sophisticated decor features an entrance with reflecting pool, leading to another one—which spans from front to back. The lounge and private dining areas come adorned with ancient, intricately-carved Indian artifacts, that emit a nice warm vibe. I can’t wait to try the food. Opening in mid November.

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