Montreal Report: L’Original

Canadian Comfort  What to do on a rainy Monday night? Get all warm and cozy at L’Original and be ready for some incredibly delicious fare and laid-back personal service. I am still thinking about the fish that I had there, which was set atop a mini pool of creamy-tangy, sauce, with a touch of tomato, that was absolutely divine. Bob felt the same way about his scallop brochette, which also was swathed in creaminess. Are you getting the picture? We started the meal off with a dozen oysters, and we sure picked the right restaurant to do so. Daniel Notkin, the supplier, was more than happy to talk about the different origins and tastes of the oysters, of which we had 3 out of 4 offered on that night, then ordered 2 more of the ommitted offering, strictly for learning purposes! See more photos of our meal, and the rustic birch trees and stone-wall setting here. I wish this place was in New York!

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