Montreal Report: Barroco

Late Night Leisure  What a joy to come across such a sweet, friendly, welcoming little spot. Barroco's manager Graham Warner, who turned out to be my favorite host in Montreal, made us feel right at home. We sampled the place early evening, then Graham made a bar reservation for us after dinner, after midnight, actually. I will admit, other than a couple of oysters, most of our intake had to do with cocktails. I gave new bartender Cai carte blanche, and he concocted some very well balanced and imaginative drinks that suited my palate overwhemingly. Must be his chef background. Seen here is one of the drinks, with succulent slice of grapefruit. Cai also got creative wth a blow torch and fruit, and served up the slices with a shot of vodka. See more of the space, which adhered to Old Montreal’s stone and brick look, with some elegant touches, and the cocktails we sampled here.

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