Spring Dining Highlights: The Toucan and The Lion; The National; Serafina MP opening; Acme; Fedora

As usual, NYC’s dining offerings do not fail to thrill and impress me. Plus there is a place to suit every mood and budget. The Toucan and The Lion is a bare bones east village spot, offering great bites at a great cost. Good spot to share a bunch of small plates. I find the bar offerings at The National totally cost-effective when eaten as dinners, especially the over-sized potion of delectable ribs. Serafina, now in meatpacking, even bottles their own wines to go along with their affordable, and wonderful Italian specialities. Discover 3 floors of cool, raw space with quirky art. If you are feeling adventurous, head to Acme, where the Scandinavian menu will surprise you as each plated item appears. I totally recommend the foie gras dish from the Raw menu (photo above), you will never forget the taste. Relax in the vast space with plenty of spots at the bar for dining (photo below). Fedora offers a slice of old New York atmosphere, with super friendly service, and really great fare. Go there to meet and mingle with other food afficianados, and you will also get a super cocktail. More photos on my FB page, click on the links for each place to see them.

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  1. NYC is certainly full of amazing places to dine. With many famous chefs than any other city, even the pickiest of palates is bound to find something delicious here.