Mihoko’s 21 Grams

A gorgeous blend of highly stylized Japanese and French elements work to deliver an evening of ultimate sensations. Mihoko’s 21 Grams, newly opened on 22nd street, is truly a unique and inspired restaurant, conceived by Japanese ballerina Mihoko. The visual feast begins as soon as you enter the restaurant, with a red carpet leading up to the front desk, aligned with beautiful objects for purchase. Designer Bruno Borrione decorated the large dining room with layers of overscaled French paintings, beautifully carved objects, decorative table surrounds, and Mihoko’s collections. Franco-Japanese cuisine dominates the menu, as well as an extensive sushi offering. Downstairs is a lounge, where cocktails by Raphael Reyes will be served with a bar menu. I was completely blown away by the design, service, and cuisine. Top photo shows the bar, which is in the center of the dining room, mirrors were once in Cartier’s mansion. See even more photos of our evening on my FB page.
 View from the bar.
 One of the amuses that arrived.
 Service comes in teams.
 A light dessert of passion fruit and coconut foam.
Petit fours with mini origami bird.

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  1. What a blast! Besides having a great grasp of perspective, what a great…grasp of perspective…