BRUNCH: Asellina and La Follia

I’ve been making a habit out of brunch lately. It seems like the best time to get together with friends, and have a little weekend vacation. Asellina, in the Gansevoort Hotel on 29th and Park has just added live jazz to its repertoire. It was so nice to sit near the open doors and hear the live sounds from the next room. The food is top notch, with some creative items on the menu, like seared tuna panini on the lightest, freshest bread, and baked eggs, Italian-style. We had to get (a few rounds of) the Prosecco Quartino with trio of juices (seen in the background of tuna panini photo): blood orange, peach nectar, and guava. See more photos of the food here, they will have you drooling. La Follia, on Third Avenue and 19th street, is the neighborhood spot I have been praying for. The owners of sadly defunct Irving Mill, of which I was a huge fan, have scaled down in size, but not on the food. The space is divided into two areas: a small dining area, and a casual wine bar. The pasta menu alone is a reason to stop there. I’ve been to brunch twice, starting with a traditional omelette, then going after my heart’s desire: the Carnivoro Panini with mortadella, soppressata, prosciutto, pecorino & arugula (photo below). There is no need for dinner! See more photos of the food here

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