Philadelphia’s JG Domestic

Super Chef Jose Garces has quite a few projects up his sleeve. I got to hear the inside scoop all this week while at the photo shoot for his new cookbook, due to come out some time next year. Photos here show the work-in-progress of JG Domestic, which will feature a high end, farm-to-table menu, with all ingredients sourced in the USA. It connects right to the main train station in the Cira Centre, so New Yorkers can zip in and get a taste of what Philadelphians have been raving about. Also on the agenda: Iron Chef battles, a taco truck called Guapos Tacos, a 38-acre farm to supply food to all his places, and Frohmans Wursthaus, a beer and wurst spot. (Can you guess where the name Frohmans comes from?) If you are planning to spend any time in Philly, I suggest a full restaurant tour. You will not be disappointed. Photo at the top shows staff-drawn mural over the open kitchen, and below, future booth area. Restaurant opens in early October.

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