my latest design project: SOUPS + SIDES cookbook

Catherine Walthers, author of Raising the Salad Bar, has followed up with a soup compendium. Soups + Sides features a savvy collection of flavor-matching duos, from standards like Tomato Soup with Herbed Grilled Cheese Sandwiches to truly creative combos like Minted Honeydew Melon Soup with Coconut Sorbet and side of Lime Spice Cookies. The book contains great choices for all the seasons, plus handy tips on how to simmer a soup and create stocks for use in future cooking projects. Allison Shaw’s colorful, minimalist photos, had my mouth watering the whole time I was designing the book! Luckily, I had the recipes right there, so could immediately address my cravings.


  1. Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wish you good day.

  2. Nice site, Ellen!! Lovely look and feel to it. But under the Montreal oyster shot you misspelled tomato! For shame!!! Thanks for the wines the other night, it was really fun to see you.

    Peter Hargraves

  3. Great blog site, Ellen! Peter Hargraves

  4. thank you for proofreading, Peter! I will fix immediately!!!!