Whisky Explorers Club: Scotch Lovers Unite

Douglas Stone has a passion for whisky, and knew he was not alone. He has created an online community where you can mingle with other afficianados and link to a myriad of blogs on the topic. If you are looking to experience limited editions and unusual tastes from around the globe, you must join the Whisky Explorers Club. The whiskies arrive in unmarked bottles wrapped in black sacks, so tasters must rely on only their senses for categorizing. Club members receive instructions on how to decipher each whisky's identity and can log-in to a special section on the site to contribute their tasting notes and reviews. Douglas is offering a discount to Hip Hostess NYC’s readers, just use the code “HpHsts-0310” when joining. And speaking of delicious Scotch whiskies, I just had the most incredible tastes from the Lowlands, which feature the less smokey of the scotches because they leave out the peat. Auchentoshan had five triple-distilled bottles on the tasting table that night, all distinctly delicious. See photos from the tasting here.

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