Camping in Culinary Style: Stay Sharp

Just because you are in the wilderness doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Wusthof has come out with  a folding knife that will take you merrily through all your cutting tasks. The locking mechanism on the Ikon Blackwood knife ensures that the 5-inch long blade will remain firmly in place while slicing through, say, a hard salami, and the piece is assembled seamlessly to keep it thoroughly hygenic. If you get into hunting for mushrooms a good knife is an essential tool. My father told me: Never pull a mushroom out by hand, if you cut a mushroom and leave the root, you can come back for more. It also leaves the dirt behind. The Slovak community in upstate New York takes mushroom picking seriously, everyone is quite competitive! My family hunts for them every year, and either cuts and dries them in the sun, or cuts and freezes them to use in soup, stews, and meat dishes all year round. Free food!

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