CASA MONO: mi casa NO es su casa

I live a few blocks away from Casa Mono. When I first moved into the Gramercy area 4 years ago, I spotted the restaurant and thought it was beyond charming—a perfect spot on Irving, lots of windows, cozy interior. Unfortunately, its not one of those places you can just walk into, so I visit at off-times, usually late at night. Recently, when a chef visiting NYC asked me for places to go, I did not hesitate to suggest it. Late afternoon on Sunday, we met for some wine and tapas (see photo), some pulpo, some croquettes. Esteban chose a great wine. We each had 2 glasses. When we decided to split a third, before taking off, something odd happened. We were asked to leave, i.e. go next door if we weren’t going to order more food. The restaurant was practically empty. Casa Mono, why so mean? I want to love you, but don’t feel the love in return. Correct me if I am wrong, but weren’t tapas created as little side dishes to wine?


  1. One would think that in todays tough times the restaurant would welcome anyone willing to pay regardless of the order. Wine BTW is a much higher profit margin than food so what gives here? My advice, tell everyone you know and pray that when they go out of business ,which they will, a real restaurantuer takes it's place.

  2. All I can think of is that somebody really wanted to get out of there! Unfortunately, that is bad business and disturbing to hear about an otherwise very good restaurant.

  3. Anonymous25.8.09

    I am horrified at that, it really is bad customer relations. a boycott is in order......

  4. HL Schaeffer, Intuitive Consultant26.8.09

    Ellen Darling,

    Sounds like a phone call to the BD of Health for a surprise inspection is an order. The place is obviously run by a bunch of rats and vermin. I 2nd the boycott!!