PEA SPROUTS / hail to the crunch

I have been trying to incorporate different forms of protein into my diet. Since I grew up in a Eastern European household, a meal was really not considered a meal, unless it contained meat, therefore, legumes and beans have never held any attraction for me—that is until I came across the pea sprout at the greenmarket. You can just grab a handful and eat them as is. The crunchy texture is extremely satisfying, and it just has the slightest hint of pea taste. Since discovering this ingredient I have been looking for ways to introduce it into my repertoire. Here are some ideas I came up with:
—Naturally, it works great in salad, in this one I also put some baby fennel in. Good start.
—Next I delved into making some tuna salad. Chopped onions, olives, artichoke hearts, and added mayo, dijon mustard and THE PEA SPROUTS. Top a Wasa rye cracker, and you have lunch.
—Lastly, my ground lamb stir-fry test also got a bit of the crunchy goodness. See recipe to follow...
Let me know if you have any ideas, I would love to hear them...

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