Modmix Organic Cocktail Mixers / mod mixers

The first organic line of mixers comes from three women who pioneered their way into the mostly male business of cocktails. Substitute these signature Modmix combos the next time you make the classics: Citrus Margarita, French Martini (adds a fruity punch), Lavender Lemon Drop (makes for a florally lemonade), Mojito and Pomegranate Cosmopolitan. Best of all, these drinks can be enjoyed with or without alcohol, just substitute some sparkling water for the liquor.

Lavender Lemon Drop Sparkle
1 part Modmix Organic Lavender Lemon Drop
1 part vanilla vodka
1 part champagne
Shake over ice, serve up in a martini glass

French Martini Pops
1 part Modmix Organic French Martini
1 part Modmix Organic Mojito
2 parts champagne
Serve in a martini glass

Mojito Fizz
1 part Modmix Organic Mojito
1 part ginger ale
1 part rum
Serve over ice in a tumbler
[This appeared in Summer 2008 Organic Spa Magazine, organicspamagazine.com]

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