Sence Rose Nectar / this rose is a rose

Imagine a drink made from rose petals—from ancient roses only grown in Bulgaria. The blossoms are picked for only a three-week period from the hours of 3 to10 am, when dew levels are at their peak, and converted into concentrate within two hours, to obtain the maximum flavor and fragrance. Sence is just introducing their sensuous nectar into the US market, which has the makings for a great cocktail, can be savored on its own, or mixed with other juices or sparkling water. It tastes slightly sweet, and adds an extra kick of vitamin C to your day. Sample this pretty non-alcoholic punch:

Harmony Rose Punch
Sence Rose Nectar
Organic white cranberry juice
Organic pomegranate juice
Combine equal parts of Sence Rose Nectar, white cranberry and pomegranate juice with a soft touch of fresh lemon. Optional garnish: crystallized rose petals.
[This appeared in Summer 2008 Organic Spa Magazine, organicspamagazine.com]

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