Just opened in NYC and beyond is a documentary which holds an intimate peek into every pregnant women's dilemma: do I breastfeed or not? In Breastmilk, Director Dana Ben-Ari follows five very different women from pregnancy up to their child's one-year birthday revealing each family's philosophies and their subsequent ups and downs—managing jobs, physical issues, but mostly their expectations. Experts weigh in, and help in understanding the scope of things, opening up a dialogue that questions the powers-that-be at hospitals and the messages women receive from from the world at large. It is a heartwarming, often humorous portrayal that was fascinating to watch. I walked out of the movie feeling that I knew each and every one of the women portrayed. I highly recommend a viewing. Now playing at IFC theater on Sixth Avenue and West 3rd Street. breastmilkthemovie.com

Director Dana Ben-Ari at the opening with custom-made necklace.

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