Second Annual Japan Week at Grand Central

Grand Central Terminal welcomes all that is Japanese at this festive event. From March 19 –21 experience culinary delicacies and traditions like: the Pop-Up Bar, featuring JIZAKE, a special sake produced by small brewers, plus 89 other sakes and SHOCHU shots (buy tickets at this link); taste the many regions of Japan in the EKIBEN bento boxes; view a geisha make-up demonstration by a master; and much much more. Photos below, from Japan Week’s website show just a sampling of the delights on hand, check the schedule here.

The signature bento box from Kyotofu: 2 mini tofu burgers, matcha chasoba, house-made pickled daikon, house-made taro chips, matcha financiers, and Sakura brownie (not shown) Photo by Shiho Fukuda.
 TAKOYAKI has been famous in Osaka since the early 1930’s. Invented by a street vendor who was inspired by a dumpling made of an egg batter and octopus. Osaka has a takoyaki shop at nearly every corner and the competition between them is very strong.
ZUNDA MOCHI From the Tohoku region, young edamame beans are blanched, shelled and then ground into a chunky paste, sweetened with sugar and a little salt and used as a topping on the rice cakes.

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