Year-End Outings: brunch at Park Avenue Winter

I met my cousin at Park Avenue Winter for brunch and was nicely surprised. The $35 prix fixe included a tray of pastries and unique selections well worth the price. We also indulged ourselves with a couple of cocktail offerings, which were finely crafted, and full of surprises. See photos below. So far I have been here for dinner in Summer, lunch in Autumn, and brunch in Winter, so must return in Spring to complete the experience.

 The pastry tray includes: Spiced Sugar Doughnut, Golden Raisin And Walnut Roll, Pistachio Scone, Winter Cranberry Muffin, Brioche & Pecan Sticky Bun, Glazed Banana Bread
 Preparing the Cloud One with surprise ingredient (cotton candy...)
which melted into the drink
the finished Cloud One: absolut vodka, pimm’s no. 1, lemon curd, surprise

 Park Avenue Hot Apple Cider: gosling’s rum, apple cider, fresh ginger, orange zest, cinnamon, pears, maple syrup
 Cured-Lemon Caesar Salad
 Lyford Cay Chicken Soup tortellini & bahamian spices
 Breakfast Risotto which included mushrooms and pork bits under the fried egg

 Open Face Omelet wild mushrooms, aged gouda
A side of Breakfast Sausage

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