Scottish Artist Rory Donaldson: Shared Roadway Ahead

Before you head out for dinner tonight, stop in at the Winkleman Gallery to see Rory Donaldson’s new series of photos. I am a proud owner of two of Rory’s pieces, and am extremely excited to see the new work, which he calls the “RDX series.” Rory is pushing further the concept of digital photography, so much so, that you could not imagine his work was not done by hand. This painterly technique, complemented by his extraordinary sense of color is astonishing to view, provoking a thoroughly emotional response. When the pieces are viewed up close, you see the remnants of the original photos, which come as a total surprise. I had a preview of some of the pieces in their early stages, and was blown away by the creativity behind each one. To learn more about how Rory goes about creating these beautiful abstracts, go to this link. SHARED ROADWAY AHEAD opens tonight from 6:00 to 8:00, at the Winkleman Gallery, 621 West 27th St. between 11/12 Aves, on the ground floor. If you can’t make it tonight, the photos can be seen through April 21, 2012, Tuesday - Saturday, from11:00 am to 6:00 pm.

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