to your health: cookbooks

Health seekers can delight in 2 new cookbooks. For those who are looking to incorporate the maximum benefits of nutrient-rich superfoods, Superfood Cuisine is the perfect guide. Learn what you can do with chia seeds—soaking them works as a thickener, with the added benefits of protein and fiber, in the recipe for Tomatillo Chia Salsa. Hemp Hummus blends chickpeas with hemp seeds, thus adding a complete protein and all three Omegas. Twist up a sugar craving with a Cabbage-Pomegranate Slaw sweetened with yacon syrup or No-Bake Brownies, made from dates, cacao and walnuts. Many of the recipes use ingredients from the company Navitas Naturals, whose company specializes in making beautifully packaged super ingredients. I was always tempted to buy them, but not sure what to do with them once I got them home. Problem solved! Julie Morris makes it easy to incorporate these unfamiliar foods into your lifestyle.
For those with an astrology bent, or just wanting some new healthy fun recipes, get a copy of astrologer and Celebrity Chef Sabra Ricci’s new book. Twelve chapters focus on the astrological element each sign represents. • Aries’ focus is on brain food—stay alert with Artichoke Heart Hummus. • The thyroid is the focus of the Taurus chapter, treat your bull friends to a tasty Zucchini Bread with Toasted Brazil Nuts. • Gemini represents the lungs, and the recipe for Grilled Mahi Mahi with Orange and Ginger Beurre Blanc will have everyone rapidly breathing. • Cancer’s focus is on the stomach—start off a meal with a Green Tea, Pineapple, and Ginger Martini for Two. • Leo brings heart-happy recipes to the mix, with Heirloom Tomato and Bufala di Mozzarella Napoleon. • Virgo offers recipes for soothing the nervous system, as seen in Grilled New York Strips with Portobello Mushrooms and Horeseradish Sauce. • Kidneys are the focus for Libra. Get assistance with Roasted Cauliflower and Maui Onion Gratin with Smoked Gouda. • Scorpios’ reproductive organs can benefit in more ways than one with the Caviar Party for 2. • Sagitarius’ livers will thrive on the Lobster Guacamole. • The bones of the Capricorn stay strong with Pumpkin-Bran Muffins with Pepito Seeds. • Aquarians can get their blood pumping with a Creamy Coconut-Carrot Soup. • Pisces’ immune system gets a bonus from Crab Cakes with Julienned Mango and Red Pepper Aioli. •  The book also contains fun facts about each sign, how they like to cook, and what kind of guest they make at a dinner party. A totally fun read.

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