Scottish Lodging: The Scotsman Hotel and Citizen M

I try to stay in boutique hotels whenever I travel, and the two that I picked in Scotland could not be more different from each other, making for a split personality trip! In Edinburgh, The Scotsman was built in 1905, originally as offices for the newspaper of the same name. The architecture is striking, and unique, and the hotel is like a maze, as it is actually 3 buildings, each serviced by its own elevator. Each of the suites are different. The lower level houses a stainless steel swimming pool below the spa and gym. When we headed over to Glasgow, and Citizen M, we encountered a totally modern, space with personality. The rooms were designed and fitted modularly, so that each room was identical. A sumptuous, king-size bed decked with plump, cushy pillows, spanned wall to wall, in front of a window. Inside the space was a frosted glass cubicle which housed a luxurious shower and the toilet. The TV, lighting, and window blinds and shades were all controlled with a Philips remote. We nicknamed the room "the pod" for its futuristic qualities. See more photos of both hotels in the Foodie Scotland album on FB.

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  1. It is always interesting to be able to compare your lodgings specially if they are very different. I love the modern look of the Citizen M. The way it was set up was very creative indeed.