Renewing America’s Food Traditions (RAFT)

America, once the land of plenty, is losing its food traditions along with valuable and tasty food sources. For instance, a century ago, Americans grew 15,000 varieties of apple; today, there are only 1500. That’s why the members of RAFT have created a book to cherish and showcase foods in America that are in danger of becoming extinct. The mission of RAFT is not only to educate the population about what is endangered, but also to share time-honored recipes using the ingredients, and ways to stop the decline. A chart in the back of the book points to which species are threatened (marginally available), endangered (hard to locate, but not gone yet), and functionally extinct (unavailable except in private collections). What can you do about it? Grow your own, create your own recipes, or support those who do! Get a peek at what’s inside the book at this link.

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