Wines of Israel: Don’t Pass them Over!

I went to a tasting back in November, and got to sample lots of very nice wines from Israel. I thought it would be a good time to mention some to bring along to your Passover seder, or, make up any excuse to celebrate with these fine selections. Barkan wines come from the Galilee region. The Altitude series are 100% Cabernet Sauvignon, whose labels refer to the actual altitude in which the grapes are grown. The +720 [meters above sea level] 2007 was good, but one you might want to hold onto till next year. A really superior choice, and my favorite of the entire tasting was the 2007 Barkan Reserve +624. Both cost around $40 a bottle. For a nice everyday, soft red, around $12 a bottle, go for the Barkan Classic Merlot-Argaman 2009, and you will not regret it! In the VEGAN category: I loved the 2007 Carmel Mediterranean, a mix of 5 grape varieties from the Shomron region. My tasting notes: like a fine Pinot Noir, feminine, soft, elegant; around $60 a bottle. My second favorite, especially for its bottle design, was the Carmel Appellation Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz 2006 from Upper Galilee Region, which goes for around $27 a bottle. Dalton Winery is working on getting organic certification. 2009 Fume Blanc was a mix of 95% Sauvignon Blanc with 5% Viognier. A nice, light, summery taste, from the Upper Galilee region, great buy for $15 a bottle. The 2009 Estate Shiraz was a blend of 4 grapes, which gave it a deep berry, full flavor yet still light in the mouth with a peppery finish. Not bad for $18 a bottle. The 2009 Shiraz Reserve was at the top of the price range ($30) and the most elegant choice, very earthy, with its combination of 96% Shiraz and 4% Viognier, also from the Upper Galilee region. 

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