abc Kitchen: seasonal and sensational

Every New Yorker’s curiosity is always picqued when they see an established restaurant close in thier neighborhood—rumors fly as to what is coming. When I heard Jean Georges Vongerichten was opening a place where the old Lucy’s was, naturally I was anticipating great things. Now that abc Kitchen is open, I am delighted to have such a find, so close by. I was totally impressed at the freshness and quality of the ingredients in all the dishes I sampled. There were so many items on the menu that sounded good I couldn’t decide and had to ask the bartender for some suggestions. He recommended the ramp toasts, which would only be in season for a short time. Out came two pieces of bread, with ramp butter and goat cheese with small pink onions on top. Not what I expected—better—light, healthy, full of flavor. I also had the pea shoot salad, which, again, was extraordinary, and ended my meal with the burger (photo), which was presented beautifully with circles of jalapeƱo on top of the bun. About the design, well, I like the approach, but I think it could use a little more warmth. I kept getting the feeling that I was in a place that was unfinished, and the tarnished mirrors seemed a bit sad. Loved the dainty place settings, though. See more pictures of the restaurant and food from my visit here.

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