Michael Collins Irish WHISKEY persuasion

At a recent soiree, when offered a whiskey cocktail, I had a few guests decline. I let them have their glass of Prosecco without argument. A little later I began my seduction with “just a sip.” Before you knew it, the whole party had made a unanimous vote for Irish Whiskey. Michael Collins Irish Whiskey comes in a Single Malt variety (smokier) and a Blend (smoother). I thought the Blend worked absolutely perfectly in this cocktail, which I doctored for the gathering. To make it party-friendly, I made the juice mix earlier in the day, and had my supply refrigerated, which I poured out as needed into a pretty glass pitcher. To create the cocktail, each glass got ice, a little or a lot of the whiskey (to taste) and filled with juice to the top, then stirred with a glass stirrer. See more photos from the party here.

Here is the juice mix, take a wine glass and measure the following:
1.25 parts Sauvignon Blanc wine
1.5 parts Lakewood Organic Pure Apple Juice
.5 part of Ceres Passion Fruit Juice
the juice from one big organic lemon
1 part Lakewood Organic Lemonade
2 big squirts of Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Honey
Expand this recipe to accomodate the number of guests. Refrigerate till ready to use. You can substitute Prosecco for the Sauvignon Blanc, which we did when we ran out of the wine. For garnish, add a thin slice of golden delicious apple, whose yellow color and pear-ish taste makes the perfect accompaniment.

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  1. why not try a Rye Whiskey Julep?

    2 oz Tuthilltown Rye
    1 sprig fresh mint from the garden
    splash of simple syrup
    cracked ice

    muddle mint, sugar syrup and ice together to make a paste. drizzle in the Rye Whiskey. continue to muddle and add more Rye as necessary, note frost on your sterling silver julep cup. This is the mark of a fine julep.
    sip and adjust sugar to taste. serve on a hot day- or in a hot setting!